Kite Zone Dubai uses only the latest, most innovative & reliable kiteboarding products on the market. That is why we choose to teach and ride exclusively with high quality Naish kiteboarding equipment.

Throughout the years this highly respected brand has been at the forefront of R & D, continually proving itself to be a dominating force in the world of kitesurfing. Be it racing, free-riding, or professional freestyle, Naish boasts a range of kites that can cater to the needs of all different styles of riders. Championing the most scientifically developed kites and boards we have ever seen, their reputation is secured by the fact that some of the top riders on the planet continue to choose Naish year after year as their kite of choice.

One of the earliest companies to establish themselves in the sport, Naish are still standing as one of the most reputable brands in kitesurfing circles today; and one of the largest in the watersports industry as a whole. With a product range including kites, Stand-Up Paddle boards, windsurf equipment, and surfboards Naish have shown themselves to be both versatile and innovative. Driven by a deep passion for what they do, the team at Naish continues to make the best kitesurfing equipment on the market year after year.

With a team of some of the most infamous riders on the planet, this brand has stood the test of time and continues to hold a high reputation with its dedicated clientele and followers. We choose Naish to teach on because they are safe, reliable, and help us to fly higher than any other brand!

We have joined the movement. What are you waiting for?

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