The best way to ensure all eyes are on you as you learn at your own pace in a safe, comfortable, & controlled environment. Private kitesurfing lessons from your qualified will help you to feel calm and confident as you learn to master the art of flight. One-on-one tuition ensures that you will be up on the board and riding in as short a time as possible.

Private kitesurfing lessons is your fastest route to learn how to kitesurf in Dubai. This is a sure-fire way to ensuring you can learn from the best whilst your instructor focuses on your progress & safety. Dubai is an amazing place to learn kitesurfing due to its consistent winds and warm, flat waters. Our instructors are 100% dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

The team at Kite Zone Dubai will give you their full attention and the best feedback possible, helping you to hone your skills and develop your capabilities on the water. It is our job to make a kitesurfer out of each and every student that comes to us, all searching for the same goal we once were. The grasshopper will become the sensei. All it takes is a little patience and perseverance. So, book a kitesurfing lesson in Dubai with us today and find out for yourself what you're made of...


Ask your instructor for GoPro footage and pictures of your session!



All Equipment incl. in cost of lessons


Private kitesurfing Lesson 1 hr - 350 AED

Private KITESURFING lesson 2 hr = 700 AED

Private KITESURFING  COURSE 6 hr = 1,800 AED

Private KITESURFING COURSE 12 hr = 3,200 AED  



What you need TO KNOW...


First Lesson - Brief introduction to wind direction and strength, flying the trainer kite & practicing figure of 8 movement with your kite. Your kitesurfing instructor will introduce the concept of the 'wind window', the 'power zone', how to get more power from and 'de-power' your kite. You will also learn how to set up larger kites that we will first fly on the beach and then take into the water. Your kitesurfing instructor is likely to demonstrate the various safety mechanisms of your gear, introducing you to the depower trim, your safety leash, and the quick release mechanism. You are also likely to be introduced to, and then practice, the self-rescue method, your lifeline to get back to the beach.

Second Lesson - Bodydragging. This involves practising the figure of 8 movement used in the first lesson, this time using it to harness the power of your larger inflate-able kite in order to pull yourself through the water on your chest. Your body should be relaxed and streamlined as you steer the kite with your bar, trying to learn to feel the movement of the kite without constantly watching it. You are also likely to practice relaunching your kite after crashing it into the water and how to avoid other individuals kitesurfing in the same area.

Third Lesson - Upwind Bodydrag whilst holding onto board and maintaining correct kite position in the wind window. If the beach is busy this is the correct technique to pull yourself steadily away from the waters edge (where most of the action may be taking place) and out into more quiet waters where you can learn to waterstart. Reminder of how to relaunch your kite on both the beach and from the water. In order to become an independent kitesurfer it is crucial that you know how to relaunch your kite and bodydrag back to your board.

Fourth Lesson - Waterstart. Once you can safely use the kite to travel out into open waters and then use it to navigate safely back to the beach (preferably with your board in one hand), you are ready to learn how to waterstart. This is when we obtain power from the kite by utilising the figure of 8 movement we learnt earlier. Timing is crucial to success at this stage, as is body position. The best advice is to be patient, and make sure you have gone through your checks to ensure quick success and a steady, smooth ride. This may take a few tries!

Fifth Lesson - By this stage we should be feeling pretty confident with our kite flying abilities, eager to ride on the board. It is unlikely that you will be able to ride upwind at this point, but the main aim by your fifth lesson, is simply to be able to stand up and ride in one direction.

Note: Each lesson typically lasts 2 hrs & this time frame is for private, rather than group kitesurfing lessons.

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