Are you in need of an adventure? More specifically, are you in need of a kitesurfing adventure?! But perhaps you are unsure of where to go at this time of year... that special spot where the wind, waves, & temperature are perfectly suited for you and your style of riding. Well, whether its flat water and acres of space, big waves and super strong winds, or perhaps a place with a little local life within which you can immerse yourself on those less windy days, TradeWind is the place you need to visit.

TradeWind was created BY kitesurfers, FOR kitesurfers. And that really is the best reference we can give you! If you are in need of a website where you can easily check out where the wind is strongest at any particular time of year, when a spot is in or out of season (in terms of the best wind it receives), whether or not particular spots have waves or are more accessible to beginner or intermediate level riders, TradeWind is a super easy way to answer all of your questions. Helping you to choose your next kitesurfing destination, Tradewind is a must for anyone looking to plan there next kitesurfing trip and ensure that they find the conditions they have been searching for!

Visit the website by clicking on the link below and find out where the wind is taking you...