It may not be as easy as it looks, but it sure as hell is twice as fun ;) so.... what are you waiting for?! Book a private kitesurfing lesson in dubai today and learn to kitesurf from the best. Our instructors are patient, passionate, and have a deep knowledge of this sport, so book a kitesurfing lesson course with KiteZoneDubai and put them to the test!

Visit our online Blog to check out our students progression, their latest pictures, positive reviews, recent videos, & informative articles on how to improve your kitesurfing level and get more info on what is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

This blog post is being written by Lew, and i have been kitesurfing since i was 13 years old. I'm pretty sure i was flying kites before that, back when i was 11... but my memory from those early days is a bit hazy! All i can remember is that i got hooked. I still need my daily kitesurfing fix and i'm always on the look out for the perfect conditions to go riding. To me, kitesurfing is my way to show my love, respect and admiration to the elements and the gifts mother nature bears. Sometimes she comes to us bearing gifts, other times she lets us wait... but something has to make us hungry for the next session. Right? ;)

I love to kitesurf and to give kitesurfing lessons in dubai to all the interesting and likeminded people i am fortunate enough to meet in this crazy city. All i want to do is ride, so join me on this journey and lets see what we can learn and uncover along the way. Never give up. Sometimes it helps to remember... 'just don't look down!'

I hope this small picture gallery of some of my recent private kitesurfing lessons with my lovely students inspires you to take action and book a kitesurfing lesson with us today :)

Thanks to Ed, Kate, Dani, Jay, Tatyana, Jane, Kesia, & Craig for the smiling faces and epic sessions!

See you on the water...

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