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Here at Kite Zone Dubai, our passion is kitesurfing. Kitesurfing makes us happy. The wind makes us happy. Jumping high, and i mean really high, makes us... happy. But we also want to share this stoke with everyone else kitesurfing on the water, and we found that bringing this sport to people who have never tried it before is the best way to do just that! We want to share our passion for kitesurfing with the world and we are happy to see that our students are not only grateful when we do, but stoked too ;)

I’d recommend Lewis and Kite Zone Dubai to anyone who wants to learn to kitesurf. I’d never tried it before and thought the whole experience was professional, safe and really good fun from start to finish! Great way to spend an afternoon! - Kate Grimes
I did kitesurfing lessons with Lewis for one week. I had an intermediate level in Kite, and thanks to his patience and professionalism he helped me to improve my level of kiting, and showed me new tricks. He showed me how to jump and do a back loop, explaining me at the same time he did the tricks what I needed to focus on, and what was my personal mistakes when I tried to perform the tricks. Thanks to him, I managed to pass it!!! Moreover, Lewis is always in a good mood, joking and always positive. So I definitely recommend him, if you want to learn kitesurfing or bring your kitesurfing level to a new step! - Martin
I have been living in Dubai for the last 2 years. Lately I decided to learn how to do kite surfing to enjoy its 360 sunny days per year in a stunning place. By chance, I met Lewis who really gave me a real hands on experience always accompanied with a stringent attention on my progress whilst in a relax approach. Highly recommended. - Kevin Vig.

Tatyana Rybakova, on her private kitesurfing lesson course, enters the turquoise waters of Nessnass beach right here in Dubai, the local flat water bay where we teach our students how to learn to kitesurf! The city bustles in the background but you couldn’t feel farther from it… #Kitesurf #MyDubai #Kitezonedubai #kitesurfinglessons #ridewithus

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