Radio silence no more. Our kitesurfing instructors quickly realized that the best way to keep in touch with their students at all times, especially when they are out in the water by themselves, is by using the latest technology in Radio Helmets. With a range of at least 300 meters, you can be sure that no matter how far you stray from the beach your kitesurfing instructor will be able to guide you patiently through the steps to recovering your board, relaunching your kite, and making it safely back to the beach. Supplied by BbTALKIN, the world's leading action sports intercom provider, we can take our coaching to the next level. Our aim for the duration of your kitesurfing lesson is to boost your confidence, safety and riding level all at the same time. BbTALKIN gives us the power and the tools to do exactly that, without having to shout orders at you from the beach! Without a doubt, this is a sound move and truly the only way we can ensure you have the best quality instruction 100% of the time throughout your kitesurfing lesson with us.