Our partnership with KiteControl Portugal!

Kite Zone Dubai & Kite Control Portugal have teamed up to offer our respective students the opportunity to more easily hunt down quality kiteboarding instruction in both Portugal & Dubai. So, if you are traveling to Portugal over the summer, between April and October, and you would like to learn how to kitesurf with some of the best instructors and in the most epic conditions, then you can follow the link to the kitecontrolportugal website. Kite Control teach their lessons on the flat, calm warm waters of the Obidos Lagoon, just a 1hr drive from the buzzing hipster city of Lisbon. So, wake up early, go surfing in Peniche, take a kitesurfing lesson in the afternoon with KiteControl, and then head to Lisbon to celebrate with one of the biggest Gin & Tonic's you'll see in your life! Trust us, we have tried this routine many times before!

Visit the website by clicking the link HERE

A few words from Kite Control Portugal...

"Kite Control is your premium kitesurfing school in Portugal. We specialize in private kitesurfing lessonsgroup kitesurfing lessons, and we are now proud to offer an exclusive tandem kiteboarding experience right here in Portugal! We teach kiteboarding at our epic local spot near Óbidos, in a flat water lagoon home to consistent winds and butter flat water. This is kitesurfing heaven. The spot is home to world-class kiteboarding conditions and is only a short drive from LisbonPeniche and Baleal where, after your kitesurfing lessons you can enjoy the evenings and soak up some local culture. We look forward to your next session! See you on the water!"