Kitesurfing lessons in dubai - Exclusive discount for TRIBEFIT!

Kite Zone Dubai has teamed up with TribeFit Gym in Dubai Marina to give their members an exclusive 20% discount on kitesurfing lessons in Dubai! Now, lets get one thing straight... We are no ordinary kitesurfing school! We know that kitesurfing requires patience and perseverance... but it also requires fitness!

Fitness can come from many hobbies and lifestyles, and most often takes a lot of determination, focus & grit. Typically gruelling workouts, painful sessions & burning muscles. Sometimes a daunting thought. Now, we'll be the first to admit that the typical surfer dude route to keeping fit normally revolves around jumping into the water, staying their for as long as humanly possible, and paddling your ass off! Often exchanging the routine protein shake with a cold beer to celebrate this arduous occasion. And you may be forgiven for wondering how could this substitute a vein-bursting session in the weights room...

Firstly, it depends what your fitness goals are. If you want to look like the michelin man then for sure you're going to have to hit the gym, and hit it hard! Thats where TribeFit comes in. Put the beer down and pick up that granola bar. Importantly however, this body building physique isn't actually super conducive to helping you kitesurf any better. And, to be honest, this kind of body shape doesn't necessarily mean you will be endowed with a good level of cardiovascular fitness and functional, flexible muscle fibres that are used to working in sync with one another.

Secondly, we see things a little different. We want to stay fit, but we also want to love every minute of the journey towards achieving that goal. Kite Zone Dubai's certified instructors know first hand that to be a confident, competent, and safe rider means keeping yourself in the best shape possible. That is why we have made this partnership with one of the best gyms in Dubai. By offering TribeFit's members with a new, unique, exhilarating and challenging way to keep in great shape by taking kitesurfing lessons in dubai, we want to show them that you can get the body you want by doing what you love!

Kitesurfing is one of the best all-body workouts (Top Ten health benefits  of kitesurfing) out there, incorporating abs, obliques, back, arms, and leg muscles simultaneously into an awesome, adrenaline-pumping work out. Its no wonder most pro kiteboarders look utterly shredded! So, take us up on the offer and we guarantee that soon enough you'll be asking yourself why you didn't start kitesurfing sooner! #sixpackabs